1986 – RoboCAD/RoboSOLID running on a 386 PC with a Cambridge Computer Graphics display system


In a market space that is dominated by vendors that are charging increasingly exorbitant annual software subscription fees for less and less added value, we offer real alternatives. We are a little rebellious with a cause… CAD REBEL focuses on affordable desktop, mobile, and cloud based technologies for innovation and design management in AEC, construction, civil, road, landscape, sheet metal, and mechanical design, as well solutions to meet regulatory requirements in medical devices, pharma, aerospace, energy, oil and gas.

Three decades of CAD/CAE experience

Fresh out of industrial design school, Serge Jonnaert started as a reseller for RoboCAD™ and RoboSOLID™. In the mid-eighties mainframes and mini-computers still dominated the CAD scene and PCs were frowned upon as lacking sufficient power. Robo Systems was one of the first companies to adopt a true graphical user interface with pull-down menus and icons based on the GEM environment.

In 1988, Mr. Jonnaert joined New Image Industries as their European Marketing Manager. New Image Industries pioneered turnkey visualization systems with advanced technology that until then was used only for defense and professional broadcast applications. In 1989 he joined Ottawa based 5D, Canada’s largest government AutoCAD reseller with a special focus on National Defense, Energy Mines and Resources, and Museums Canada. 5D was also a reseller for Archibus, Softdesk, Sun Microsystems, Intergraph, and Calcomp. In 1993, Serge Jonnaert moved to the hardware side as Group Manager, Graphics Product Marketing for ATI Technologies Inc (now AMD), responsibility for the $180M graphics accelerator product group, as well as the development and launch of the very successful mach64 series. In 1995, he joined Visual Software, maker of popular 3D rendering and animation software such as Simply 3D, Renderize, and Visual Reality 2.0.

Following some adventures in the ‘.com’ space, Serge Jonnaert came back to the design world as Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Moldflow Corporation (now part of Autodesk), the market leader in analysis, simulation, and control solutions for the plastics industry. In 2004 he moved to the medical device space. There, he was exposed to the stringent design and quality management requirements of highly regulated environments. In 2013, Serge Jonnaert started Tensei LLC – CADREBEL with the intent of offering desktop, mobile, and cloud based solutions for innovation and design management in regulated industries, including medical devices, pharma, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, oil, and gas.

Tensei LLC – CADREBEL is the official US distributor for Bricsys products for Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Hawaii. Whatever your requirements, we look forward to becoming your first call for CAD software.