Models used are approved by the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and FEMA

Aquaflood 2017 enables easy data exchange between AutoCAD, Civil 3D, or BricsCAD and “MIKE Powered by DHI” and HEC-RAS data sources.  

Aquaflood users can export river channel geometry information from CAD environments to MIKE Powered by DHI and/or HEC-RAS modelling tools and then import the river flooding calculation data back to the CAD environment. From there, water levels can be displayed in Aquaflood cross-section views for further analysis and/or river channel editing purposes.

So for professionals working on projects where flood-related calculations, mitigation, and/or planning relies upon high quality analysis and accurate designs, Aquaflood is the tool every designer should have in their toolbox today.

Shema Aquaflood

Digital terrain modelling

This enables users to create 3D terrain surfaces fromn various sources, or directly from CAD drawing entities. Digital terrain model creation supports any XYZ survey data file format, as well as terrain model creation from CAD points, lines, polylines, blocks etc. Digital terrain models can also be displayed in TIN mode, or by contour lines, thus enabling users to define various border definitions and DTM visibility options.

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Creation of river alignments

Using Aquaflood, users can create river alignment with sample lines and very accurate river channel cross-section views, which can then be exported to MIKE FLOOD and/or HEC-RAS for further analysis.




MIKE FLOOD and HEC-RAS data export/import interface

This valuable capability allows for the sharing of geometry data between platforms, thus adding to the speed, accuracy, and quality of any analysis performed.

1D analysis

Users can use MIKE FLOOD software or HEC-RAS modelling tools to calculate water flow rates after geometry data is exported from Aquaflood 2016. Computed water flow data can then be imported back into Aquaflood to display actual water levels in detailed cross-section views.

2D analysis

This enables the creation of detailed surface information reports regarding the river channel and surrounding floodplains by using a two-dimensional (2D) bathymetry mesh tool. Thanks to Aquaflood’s interface capabilities, river-related data can be exported to MIKE FLOOD, where computations can be made and then imported back into Aquaflood to create 2D displays of actual flooding results.


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Getting started with Aquaflood


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