Autosign 2017

Adding and editing traffic signs

In the following short video you will learn, how you can use Autosign to easily add and edit traffic signs in the design.

Covered commands:

  • Draw traffic signs
  • Edit traffic signs
  • Move traffic signs

Copying traffic signs

In the following short video you will learn, how you can easily copy existing traffic signs to the same or new alignments in the design.

Covered command:  Copy traffic signs

Traffic signs report

In following videos you will learn to prepare traffic signs reports using Autosign.

Covered command: Traffic signs report

Draw and edit Ghost islands

In following videos you will learn to interactively create and add ghost islands to the design. You will also learn how you can easily make changes to added ghost islands

Covered commands:
Draw ghost island
Edit ghost island

Pavement markings & Pavement marking reports

In the following video you will learn how you can use Autosign to automatically add pavement markings like road crossings, line markings, direction markings and other road markings to the design. Markings can easily be edited, moved or copyed.

You will also learn to prepare pavement markings report from the design.

Covered commands:

  • Draw line markings
  • Draw cross markings
  • Edit line markings
  • Other Road markings
  • Label markings
  • Markings reports

3D Traffic signs & pavement markings

Using Autosign, you can easily place traffic sign and pavement markings onto 3D digital terrain, edit them if needed and prepare professional visualization.
Covered commands:

  • 3D signs and markings
  • Update 3D signs and markings

Create & edit Traffic sign Gantry

In this short video you will learn how to add gantry to your design. You will learn how to place gude signs on gantry, and how you can edit the gantry.

Covered commands:

  • Draw Gantry
  • Edit Gantry
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