Chapoo provides teams with a single view on all project activity
and improves collaboration and productivity, all in the cloud.

Project collaboration platform

Chapoo features the ultimate solution for project document and data management and for project collaboration. Projects are easy to set up and can include project specific email, discussion forum, calendar and address book, data repository as well as document folder structures. Projects can also be tailored to specific industry requirements or personalized for an individual company through the use of templates.

Document Management

Documents of all kinds – whether CAD drawings, schedules, contracts or reports – can be uploaded through simple drag and drop and shared with project collaborators. They can view the full document or just the preview (automatically created for fast viewing), create revisions or annotations and notify others of those.

View all Documents in Seconds

Project documents can be viewed by authorized users whatever format they were made in, no need to download them first or have the authoring software available. Viewing is nearly instantaneous, even for large CAD drawings. Today the Chapoo viewer already supports 70+ document types, from text to image to office formats, as well as CAD formats such as dwg. View an Excel or Visio file, zoom in to a pdf document, or rotate a CAD drawing, all within your web browser. Plus the viewer allows you to print the documents and add annotations to any part of them.

Document Version Control

With the Chapoo service project team members are always assured to be working on the latest version of any document. Chapoo keeps track of all versions and logs all modifications, providing for a detailed audit trail. Documents can be locked (check-in / check-out) to avoid that users work on the same document simultaneously.

Graphical Workflow

Workflow processes are easy to design with an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical workflow editor and can automatically generate required tasks for specific individuals or groups of users. The project leader can obtain project-wide reports to identify bottlenecks or view the current status of one or all of their projects. Documented processes and action logs not only provide for an audit trail but also simplify the conformance to quality performance standards.

Role-based access control

Define who gets to see what documents. Instead of managing access for hundreds of project participants individually, create roles for the different types of participants to the project, such as designers – managers – contractors – suppliers – customers – etc. Then manage the access rights for each role in a straightforward overview table.

Calendar and address book

Project specific address books can be imported from other projects or from external data sources. Project specific calendars allow project participants to manage, track and log all events and meetings linked to the particular project. Users can also attach documents and add notes or private comments to an event. Adding a meeting or event to the project calendar automatically generates a notification to those concerned.

Easy Project Administration

The role of project administrator can be assigned to one or several users. Project administrators provide the project details, set up folder structures, define users, roles and access rights, and generally manage the day-to-day operations of the project platform.

Live Data (optional module) forms, queries and reports

The Chapoo service provides, as an optional module, a data repository that is straightforward to use for non-programmers. Forms and tables can be built with simple drag-and-drop wizards, and the database comes with connectors to many internal and external data sources. Project members can also define reports and use workflow to automatically generate them on regular intervals, e.g. weekly sales or monthly account overviews.
Project administration