CAD REBEL™ announces availability of Spatial Manager™ 3.2

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New Import & Export tools and options for AutoCAD and BricsCAD users who can now take greater advantage of the Blocks information in the drawing. Importing: the Block names can now be selected according the value of a field, allowing you to automate different Block insertions. Exporting: you can now opt to Export the Name of the Block references, besides its Attributes, as it can be vital information for the …

Spatial Manager 3.0

CAD REBEL™ announces availability of Spatial Manager™ 3.0

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Objects labeling while importing You can now Label the Point features or the Centroids while importing from files or spatial tables into the drawing. Text label properties taken from fields. New GML data provider.  The GML data provider has been added to the extensive list of the Spatial Manager™ data providers. You can now read GML, GZ and XML files. Additional New Features New Export items (2): Handle of the objects Layer of the objects Attributes of the Block references (if any) Text objects (if any) and …